AT HOME ART KIT - Plant Watercolour Painting

Stuck at home surrounded by your plant babies with not a lot to do? We have the answer! Learn how to paint all of those lovely green plants as a relaxing way to ground your busy mind, learn a new skill and feel truely productive at the end of the day having made your own masterpiece.

Each kit has all of the materials and worksheets you will need to complete the task in hand, as well as helpful time guides as to how long to spend on each task. The worksheets will talk you through the entire task, although we will also be hosting an instagram live workshop to guide you through in person!

Each watercolour set includes a travel brush, and doubles up as a mixing palette when unfolded. We’ve also attached a small ring on the rear of the tin to keep everything stable when painting on the move!

You will find:

- Artway 14 colour watercolour paints

- Travel sized paintbrush


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