BOX OF CAKE - Chocolate Orange Brownie

A lovely big box of 8 cake slices. Truely delicious and suitable for nearly all dietry requirements.
100% tasty.
Dairy free, nut free, gluten free, egg free.


Corn flour, soft brown sugar, sunflower oil, cocoa powder (cocoa powder, acidity regulator E501), 70% minimum dark chocolate (cocoa mass, xylitol,cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin), milled flaxseed, rice milk (water, rice (14%), sunflower oil, calcium phosphate, stabilizer: gellan gum, sea salt, Vitamins D and B12)or gluten free oat milk (gluten free oats, water, salt, sunflower oil), gluten free baking powder (mono calcium phosphate, corn starch, sodium bicarbonate), orange essence (natural orange flavouring, orange oil), salt. Drizzle: icing sugar (sugar, anti caking agent), natural orange flavour, water, grated orange peel

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